Better Husband

Being married now for five years now, like all things in life, has been a road that will beat you up from end to end. I am however grateful that I have a loving and supportive wife who does understand my frailties and my faults. From playing endless hours of video games to self obsessions of work, cars, or other mundane hobbies, my wife has patience for me.

Although, it is not to say I have the perfect wife by any stretch of the imagination. She definitely has her faults and flaws as well. I’m just glad she can look past mine, though I have a hard time looking past her’s sometimes.

It is funny to find that whenever anything comes up with someone else, it’s never that big of a deal; however, when it is our problem or ours to face, it is an enormous issue and gigantically huge. So big in fact that, we have the need to storm off in a rage to confront the problem right then and there. Of course, some of us handle our emotions differently… where one confronts, others keep it in. Letting the anger and turmoil soak in until that same cancerous issue comes up day after day, hour after hour… we all know what eventually happens.

I think there is a shortage of great husbands out there. I think that I am short on it as well and honestly, have yet to really meet another guy who can honestly say, “I know why my wife loves me.”

Dive into the question: “Why does my wife love me?” Ask yourself that, ask your friends why their wives love them. Are your reasons the same as if she were to answer them? When I was confronted with that question, my response after two or three minutes of silence was, “I don’t really know why…”


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