Better Father

We all have our strives to enter into something greater than ourselves. To reap the rewards of a job well done and to be acknowledged for our grand awesomeness. Such things don’t always happen with fatherhood, atleast not right away; however, I would not trade it for the world and some.

Having three kids is terrible and great all at the same time, especially with them being only about a year apart. My oldest is turning three in March, followed by her younger brother who will be two in June and the other will be one in July. It definitely gets hectic with these three and understandably, I can’t imagine how my folks did it nor anyone else that has three or more kids. What is great is that as a father, we get to persevere and push through all those cries and tears and see the abundance of joy waiting on the otherside.

Being a father so far definitely is not easy but it sure is prime for a great adventure, one that I hope I do not miss.


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