About Me


I am currently a 27 year old, married father of three and reside in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve been living here for about five years coming now and to be honest, like the area but just utterly hate the traffic. I’m sure there are many who live here that would completely agree.

A Little History About Myself

Born into a family of twelve siblings, I’ve had my rough times as a child and trying to distinguish myself from the rest of the “pack.” Being one of the younger ones, I had fun watching my brothers beat up and each other and myself. We grew up poor, living on government assistance and welfare. My father was a pastor for a small church at the time in Milwaukee, WI., and so we didn’t have much going for us as far as wealth but we did have each other. We needed to because my parents were really never around. Since they were in the ministry, my dad was usually never home until late night… being called to someone’s house to pray for a sick family member or he needed to take care of things at the church with his staff. Regardless of the situation, all I knew at the time was that, my dad wasn’t home and my encouragement came from my older brothers and sisters. They cooked and cleaned up after us, watched over us so that we can be able to try and be better persons as we grew older.

This went on for most of my childhood and through my teen years. Those of us who are parents or even teens for that matter, can understand that when you are responsible for someone or something, that you are the result of what that person or thing becomes. There really are no excuses because you will see the outcome of your efforts. Unfortunately for my dad, he did see the outcome but far too late to really do anything about it. As my father moved from one city to another based on the church and where he was called to work, he left one behind. One after another left the house until there were only four. I was the last to leave, although, I’ve made it a point to try to keep a close relationship with my father. I know that were it not for him, my life would be ill-defined. There is much about it that I’m purposefully skipping over but quite simply, my purpose in life will reflect his greatly but my hope is that I can learn from his mistakes and still be what my father was: a servant to the people.


My background is very broad as to what my trade is or my skillset but basically it narrows down to things “all things creative.” I’ve had my share as an illustrator, printing, photography, electronics, computers and computer hardware, woodworking and carpentry, general home improvement, automobile repair and audio, auto customization and the list really does go on and on. In fact, my wife asked me the other day of how in the world do I know all this information. My reply was simply, “I make it my business to know what’s going on in the world and things that I need to know in order to make my life easier.”

Having already attained an Associate’s of Science degree from The International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa, Florida in Computer Animation, I found myself in South Carolina living with my parents after graduation. I was unable to find any practical jobs based on what I’ve learned and studied on, but more of the fact that the program as a whole was an almost complete failure to deliver. It was not until after graduation that I found out about other schools and institutions that were far more advanced within their respective programs but also further artistically and creatively. I was rather ashamed and angry at myself for really not educating myself on the different schools on animation. I worked several temp jobs doing anything and everything imaginable. I am certainly glad that things have changed drastically since then.

I’m currently attending Devry University for Associate’s degree in Web Graphic Design. I do plan on probably rolling over into their Computer Information Systems (CIS) Bachelor’s program after graduation with an emphasis on web development and programming. I find it completely fascinating about the things that can be done online. Not so much that the internet is a very powerful tool, but simply the actual things that go on in the background that most people will probably never see. The capabilities of the internet are truly amazing in that there are many things that have yet to be discovered and developed. I’m glad that I do get the chance to be part of the huge technological wave.


It almost seems like a waste of time and money really, to learn all these things when someone else can do it better. To me however, it’s not about doing things better or paying someone else to do it so I don’t have to (convenience). It is a life event or a life lesson that I don’t want to pass me by but I want to learn from it and really absorb myself in it so that the next go around, I’m the one to know how to do it (not only that, it definitely saves money).

Primarily, self education and self improvement is something that I truly believe in and something that I aspire for constantly. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t want to learn of something new (doesn’t mean I do learn something new) but the urge is there. Constantly nagging at you, tugging at your soul to keep moving and to keep fighting against the great American disease, Laziness.


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