Darn You, NewEgg!

As a father, I find it somewhat theraputic to play games every once in a while. As a graphic artist I need equipment to allow me to do my work without complaint or simply with ease. As a computer building hobbyist, I enjoy working with computer hardware and pushing them to their fullest potential. And so enter Newegg.com, whose prices are competitively cheaper than most online stores and retail outlets of computer hardware. I love their prices, customer service, and whole shopping experience as a whole. The reviews that are provided by fellow consumers is helpful at times and allows for the manufacturer to also comment on those reviews.

What bothers me most is the fact that Newegg is always offering cheaper prices! That’s insane isn’t it? While I’m not an opponent to cheaper products, it just annoys me when I buy something only to see it drop in price two days later. I mean, who wants to wait on waiting for the price to come down? We want our products instantly and so pay the prices that are listed so we can get it now but now I see the prices lower than they were before. How dare you Newegg!?

Ordered a computer case the other day to upgrade from my Thermaltake Tsunami case that I got almost seven years ago and was and is excited to get it tomorrow (based on the UPS tracking number). For those who care to know, the case ordered was the Cooler Master HAF 932 case (seen here). The HAF stands for “high air flow.” I went to my local Fry’s Electronics to check out the case prior to ordering and was rather impressed on the build and structure of the case itself and does lend to the name of HAF. Definitely a plus for my computer being that I haven’t made the transition yet to liquid cooling. But this morning when checking my email, got the daily Newegg email blast with its discount coupon codes and the new advertisements and lo-n-behold, there is my case for $20 cheaper than what I bought it for! How nerve wrecking; albeit it will serve many others to being able to enjoy that case a little bit more since they got a great deal on it.

All in all, I’m just looking foward to finally upgrading to Vista Ultimate 64 from my XP system. Yes, in 2009 with Windows 7 just around the corner, I am finally getting Vista installed, but don’t get too excited about Windows 7 quite yet. I have a feeling that it’ll run into the same road blocks that Vista did, especially the support area with other software vendors and hardware manufacturers. But that is another discussion all together.


~ by Leng Yang on May 1, 2009.

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