Self-Portrait Illustration

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So I’m working on another self portrait or basically a toony kind of illustration of myself, it’s looking promising. Being that I’m not the greatest fine artist out there I know that there are some improvements that need to be made. Mainly, my concern right now is that my “thumb’s up” hand looks a little deformed a bit. What do you think?

Still in the works.

Still in the works.


Dear God: From a Nation

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In today’s lonely and what seems to be a darker season of our life times, we find ourselves holding close to us the things that matter. We’re spending less and not doing quite the same things we did several years ago with our money. We cherish more and more the loved ones we have and the time spent with them. In spite of all this, we as a nation and a people continue to see ourselves as being innocent of these harsher times and blaming those who put us into this international rut. Blaming our neighbors for their wrongs against us or pointing the finger at the businesses, the churches, and the organizations that would stop this hurting that we’re all facing today. Continue reading ‘Dear God: From a Nation’

Darn You, NewEgg!

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As a father, I find it somewhat theraputic to play games every once in a while. As a graphic artist I need equipment to allow me to do my work without complaint or simply with ease. As a computer building hobbyist, I enjoy working with computer hardware and pushing them to their fullest potential. And so enter, whose prices are competitively cheaper than most online stores and retail outlets of computer hardware. I love their prices, customer service, and whole shopping experience as a whole. The reviews that are provided by fellow consumers is helpful at times and allows for the manufacturer to also comment on those reviews.

What bothers me most is the fact that Newegg is always offering cheaper prices! That’s insane isn’t it? While I’m not an opponent to cheaper products, it just annoys me when I buy something only to see it drop in price two days later. I mean, who wants to wait on waiting for the price to come down? We want our products instantly and so pay the prices that are listed so we can get it now but now I see the prices lower than they were before. How dare you Newegg!?

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The Time Starved Marriage by Les Parrott,

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So my wife and I started reading a book by Les (Leslie) Parrott called “The Time Starved Marriage” in which identifies that many marriages as we know it personally and from observation suffer from the lack of time spent as a couple. Since both partners are so busy with life that by the time they know it, time has escaped from them… with no way to ever recover it back. The book implies that in all things in reality that we work so hard for, like money, work, and life… the most valuable thing that we neglect to ever think about is time. The valuable resource, unlike anything else, is irreplaceable or can never be regained.

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